Monday, April 30, 2012

My Fastback

This is my second VW Type III Fastback. My first was a red orange with white interior, 1971 Fastback. It was 1976 and I was 17 years old. My little Fasty was my first car. She's long since gone, but I always regretted losing her and wished for another. I've been looking at them online and drooling over them ever since I became computer literate. Now it's 2012 and I'm 53 years old and my dear husband bought me this one about three weeks ago. 

I've been smoothing on down the road in an Impala for the last 8 years and I loved it... cruise, smooth ride, awesome stereo, the power steering and brakes we so take for granted and electric everything. Spoiled me rotten. In order to have the Fastback I had to choose between it and my Impala. I had to think about it for a while. At my age comfort means a lot. I finally just HAD to have this little orange beauty and I haven't regretted it at all. These cars are so much FUN! You drive them. Forget the smooth, forget the cruise, forget the power steering and brakes. Clutching, shifting, hoping the people behind you don't mind 40 mph up the steep hills, cause that's all you've got. 55 mph feels like 80 and it's just so much fun. :D

I named my little orange beauty Joy. I came up with that name because she makes me smile. I smile when I raise the blinds in the morning and see her in the driveway. I smile when I'm driving her. I smile when I think about her, which seems to be often. The thing is, she seems to make everyone else smile too. I hadn't really given that much thought. I just remembered how much I loved my first VW.  

Everywhere I go people look at her and smile. I get a wave or a thumbs up. I come out of the stores when I'm shopping and there's always someone around the car, looking at it, looking in it or taking photos of it. People come up to talk. I can't go anywhere without someone wanting to talk, usually more than one someone. That's okay with me, because I'm a people person. I love getting to share my VW Joy with others. :) I've been chased down by camera waving people. I've been in the car in a parking lot and watched the little parade of slow moving cars driving by and looking. More waves and smiles. Little children love the bright color. Teens love it and those of us old enough to remember running around in the old VW's love it. 

Can you tell I love my car? I bet you can. 

Peace VW lovers. Till next time...

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