Monday, May 7, 2012

My daughter and I took a little trip to Sherwood Island in Connecticut Saturday. It was overcast but supposed to clear off by lunch time. We were looking forward to sun and sand. It never did clear off, but we had a nice time. The drive is beautiful and we enjoyed some mother/daughter chatting time. :)

My little orange beauty came close to being the sandwich filling in a three car accident, but we all missed each other and we returned home no worse than when we left.

                                                               Love the Dogwoods

                                          New York City is somewhere behind all that mist...

                                                     Love the blue and pink shells
                                Emily and I thought this tree looked like it had a little green face.

                                             Doing my part to beautify the parking lot. :)

Friday I will have my car at the Questar III Cruise In. Can't wait! The weather report sounds like the first dry day I will have to clean up the car for the cruise in will actually be the afternoon of the event! I'm hoping for a dry spell for vacuuming beforehand and then I can do a quick wash and dry and touch up before I drive over to Hudson on Friday. :)

Peace and Love All! Happy Motoring!

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