Monday, May 14, 2012

Questar III Cruise In, May 11, 2012

I had a great time at the Questar III Cruise-In. Saw lots of wonderful cars and talked to lots of very nice people about mine. Made a new friend who I hope to see at future cruises. :)

My little orange beauty at the show :)

Here are some of the other wonderful cars. Wish I would have been able to take a photo of each one and that I could remember what each of these were. 

This is a 1957 Ford Thunderbird

A 1965 AMC Rambler (I am particularly partial to Ramblers) :)

Here we have a Jaguar XKE. I can't remember the year of manufacture...

The front end of the Jag was soooooo long!

Here's the Chevy Impala section...

Here are some cars I just loved, but I can't remember what they are. Whatever they are, I think they're wonderful. 

I've been doing some research on this little gold beauty and I think it's a 1966 Studebaker Commander.

Here's my new friend, Betty Jean's 1972 Ford LTD

A lovely Corvette. I never got close enough to get a really good photo or see the manufacturer year. It had a crowd around it at all time. :)

Pontiac Catalina


Porsche Carrera

Ford Maverick

I'm sure this is a Chevy Nova

This is a Corvair

And here's the rest. Unfortunately I don't know their names...

If you know what any of these unlabeled cars are, please feel free to comment. :)

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